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Beautiful Lake

In our Life Journey, there are multiple paths that lead to different twists and turns.  As we look back, some twists were Triumphant; others were Hurt...; and the rest was Painful! 

Life often meets us and teaches us Lessons regardless of our awareness or preparedness.  Its unpredictable ways of letting us meet and deal with certain people or situations... sometimes... Shake Us to Our Core!  It "swallows" us in the depth of emotions until we are numb!  Sleepless nights, heartache, sadness, and despair – oh yeah, we've all been there!

Life will continue to let us meet different face at different place with The Same Lesson – until the Lesson Is Learned! – All for this Higher Purpose:  To Wake Us Up! – To help us realize Who We Are and Who We Are Not! – What we can't accept and what we won't tolerate!


This time around, as we continue on our unique Life Journey, let's shake it all off and determine to be the Best Version of Ourselves so that We Can Attract Only What's Best!


If you ever find yourself in search of Happiness, being Understood and Loved, there is one path that leads you there – and that's the Path from Your Heart to Your Heart!  This Path is Uniquely Yours!  It's Exclusively Yours!  Would you Walk It?...

It's always Darkest before the Dawn!  Sometimes we go through the "Breakdown" before we can experience the Breakthrough!  Be Strong, Have Faith in Yourself, and Trust the Process.  You will heal and come out Stronger and Happier than ever before!!  You will never be the Same again – for Good!

Let's not just live a life.  Let's Lead An Inspired Life!!




Water Lily
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