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A7. Co‑Operation of Thought.

One aim in the publication of these little books, is to suggest how you can increase your force. In other words, how to so apply your spiritual power as to bring to you and others the best results and the most happiness. The evolution of force out of ourselves can be greatly hastened and assisted by the aid of others similarly desiring force, and who desire it in similar spirit.

All of us on this stratum of being need force far more than we may realize. We are daily beset with a host of unseen ills. We live in groups and communities of people who are unconsciously ever putting out evil or immature thought. We live amid envyings and backbiting, amid those with whom grumbling and fault‑finding has become a confirmed habit. We may be compelled to eat daily with people full of ill‑nature, cynicism, and peevishness; and of all places the table should be most free from such jarring and discordant elements, for we absorb with our food the thought‑element most put out by ourselves and others with whom we eat. We may be obliged daily to meet and mingle with those who are making their bodies more sick and weak through dwelling always in thought on their sickness, which is putting in operation the force to make sickness,—the very force, or thought, which, if directed to the imagining of health and strength, would bring health and strength. We are of necessity often compelled to be with the gloomy, the discouraged, the despondent, the peevish, the victims of inordinate animal or lower desire, and the avaricious. We must be more or less with the vast mass of humanity who live entirely in belief of the material, the perishable, and to whose minds there has not yet arrived a single thought that life, health, and permanent happiness can only come through the knowledge and following of a law which teaches us that we must be in body and mind that which we most think.

Be our knowledge and faith and attempted practice of this law as great as it may, we must be necessarily more or less affected by the cruder thought‑element alluded to above so much about us. If we are much with people thinking error, or putting out evil thought, no matter against whom it is directed, we must be to some extent injuriously affected by such thought. It is as smoke blinding our eyes. If we are with the unbelieving and doubtful, we absorb unbelief and doubt. We see less clearly. Our force, or thought, becomes adulterated with their cruder thought‑element. For we do absorb the miasma of diseased or erroneous thought as much as we may absorb the material miasma of the swamp or sewer, and then such thought for a time becomes part of us. Besides, we war not only with the seen, but with evil unseen. We “war with the Powers of Darkness.” Every crude, unhealthy mind using a physical body, has its following of like crude and unhealthy minds, without bodies. The more of mind in ignorance and error together on our physical stratum of life, the more of such evil unseen following do they accumulate about them. And the power of this combined thought on us for ill is very great.

All these things operate against us, weigh us down, and retard our progress toward a more happy, more hopeful, more assured, and more powerful, condition of mind.

They prevent us the sooner from attaining more perfect health, more vigor and elasticity of muscle and limbs. They retard the realization of that permanent healthy condition of mind which shall no longer fall into periods of depression and melancholy, whereby relative trifles are magnified into great troubles, and days are spent in dreading evils which never come to pass, for the reason that we are not then thinking our own quality of thought, but that of the fearing, trouble‑borrowing, and needlessly anxious people about us. They retard that growth of the spirit which shall bring us ever‑increasing clearness and brilliancy of thought, bringing us success in every undertaking, and also ever restoring and rejuvenating the body, and insuring a perpetual maturity, and freedom from physical decay.

For “the last great enemy to be destroyed is death,” and spirit is eventually to grow to that power which shall keep and use a perfect physical body so long as it pleases. This possibility is coming to our race.

of spiritual power and light, to be surely succeeded by others at intervals relatively more perfect; and, as regards intervals, eighteen hundred years is a short period in the life of a planet as well as in the development and growth of your spirit and mine.

To further these results, we need each other’s co‑operation and assistance through the silent power of thought. We need that all who are in agreement with this order of thought, and who to any degree accept the truths which we have endeavored to set forth in these little books, shall give, if fully and cheerfully so disposed, a few minutes daily of their thought to the strengthening of each other against the ills with which we contend. I need, and you need, and all of us who are in the belief of these laws need, each other’s daily co‑operative desire or prayer to give us this much‑needed strength.

I have sometimes been asked the question, “Do you practice, and live up to, all you write?” I answer, “I do not. I cannot. All of the evils of which I have spoken, I find in myself. Because I can see them, is no reason I can immediately get rid of them. They come in part of life‑long mental habit, and habit of any sort can only be worn off by degrees. I can now be irritable, despondent, peevish, or fall into other evil moods, at times. I know the evil of putting out such element of thought; but my knowledge, so far as it goes, is one thing, and my strength to throw off an injurious mood of mind is another. I feel the need of more strength to resist these evil tendencies. I know that more strength will come to me through the silent mental co‑operation I suggest, and if you join in such effort it will come to you also; for then many hands will take hold of the log, and many hands lift far easier than one.”

So far as possible, such thought should be given by each at the same time. We suggest that this time be at or about six o’clock in the evening. If you can then retire five or ten or fifteen minutes by yourself, and send your thought to the mutual strengthening of all minds with whom you are in sympathy, so much the better; but if it is not convenient for you so to seclude yourself, be you behind the counter, or at the office, or in the street or the workshop, and you can give but a minute of such thought, it is not lost. It is so much constructive force sent out. It will meet all the other streams and rivulets of similar constructive element so sent out by individuals or companies, be they far or near you on this planet. It is a force for good, and will do you good. It is a treasury in which if you cast a mite, that mite is certain to return to you with compound interest. It will co‑operate and act with minds in sympathy with your own whether the bodies used by those minds are known to you or not.

But the sending out of such thought is profitable for you and all, be it at any hour of the day. We suggest as near the same time as is possible, for the reason, that, in so doing, the greater amount of force is gained, as force is gained in any effort when it is exerted simultaneously.

The simple measure here suggested—that of co‑operation in silent thought or prayer—will serve as the first step to bring you in spiritual communication with such minds as will cheer, feed, and sustain your own. You will recollect that every thought of yours is a literal part of yourself, and when it is sent out in good will to all, it meets the like current of thought, mingles with it, and forms a greater current, in volume proportionate to the number of minds sending their thought of like spirit to it. You help then to generate a literal, unseen, silent power or force in nature, which is as real a bond of communication and union between you and others of like mind as one of metal. It is far more potent than any material bond of communication, for it is a living force which will in time embody itself in beneficial material results to you.

Force by the same law may now be acting on you, but force bringing you mainly unpleasant results; for, being so much surrounded by evil or immature thought, we unconsciously open our minds to it, and send back more or less of gloomy, despondent, peevish, or other unhealthy thought. It is almost impossible to avoid this, since we live in a cloud of such thought‑element, and our minds may be trained by life‑long habit to give way to it. We are unconsciously daily co‑operating with this order of thought. We now seek to turn this force into a higher, better channel; and it is turned into such channel when we, if but for a moment, desire the welfare of all people, and exclude not from such blessing the person to us most repulsive, hateful, and disgusting: for every thought of ours, as sent out, is a force in nature; and the more freighted it is with good to all, the greater is that force; and the more of good it sends to others, the more good through its re‑actionary effort comes back to us. A thought is not an “idle breath,” here one moment, gone into oblivion and nothingness the next: and if but once a day we say in all sincerity, “May the Infinite Spirit of Good bless all men and women!” we shall find, when the grand sum‑total of all our life is footed up, that the moment so occupied was of all the most profitable; for the force we sent out in thinking this may have been the only one which penetrated the murky atmosphere of thought so prevalent all about us, and, reaching upward, brought down to us its corresponding ray of higher, purer, life‑giving, and constructive force; for every thought of real good brings to us its like in return.

Some of you in thought are quite alone. Though having about you families, relatives, and friends, these do not meet a large part of your being. Your ideas, if you express them, may be termed “fancies.” You may be called “queer,” “peculiar,” “visionary;” you may have learned to keep these thoughts to yourself; you are shut up, and retired within yourself; you meet all those about you only on their domain of life, interest, and sympathy; the rest of you is ever locked up; you are as much alone as if cast, like Robinson Crusoe, on an uninhabited island; you are spiritually isolated,—the dreariest of all isolation; you are a stranger in a strange land, a foreigner among those of your own blood, and speaking your own tongue. Because physical ties of relationship are not the real ties. Those only are related to you who think as you do, believe as you do, sympathize as you do. These may be people you never saw, and of other lands and races. Your real relatives are spirits whose apprehension and comprehension of life and all it involves is something akin to your own. These, be they with a body, or without one, you need to meet.

It is not good for anyone to live alone; that is, to live separated from all related to them spiritually. In such loneliness you are cut off from your real vital supplies; because, for both physical and mental health, you cannot live on bread alone, or any other material food. You need for actual sustenance and health the occasional presence of those who think as you do; you need their outflow of thought coming to you in kindness, love, and sympathy; you can have this through the means we suggest, even though their physical bodies are not near you, or even known to you. You have many near friends you have never seen. Their thought is a necessity to give you physical health and mental vigor.

Permanent isolation and consequent mental starvation causes minds to warp and wither for lack of needed nourishment. It causes insanity in some of its many shades or gradations, melancholia and a host of physical ills for which medicine, or change of climate and physical surroundings, is in vain recommended.

If you separate a child from its playmates, or keep it entirely in the company of older people whose interests and sympathies are those of more advanced years, that child in time will mope, and grow dull and lifeless. It needs the thought‑element coming of the companionship of other children, as much as it needs any other food. Compel a man of dull, slow brain, who finds his principal enjoyment among his cronies at the ale‑house, to associate for years only in the company of philosophers and scientists, and that man in time will suffer in mind and body through isolation from his own quality of mind and thought, which is also to him a certain food and support.

You are under the operation of the same law,—the law that minds of like quality must be fed from other minds similar in sympathy and interests, or physical disease will come of lack of such unseen nourishment.

Co‑operation hitherto has only been supposed possible by the bringing of people’s bodies together. But, as is often seen, the massing of bodies in societies and organizations when minds are not in unison, has effected little or nothing.

The only successful co‑operation for affecting results in business, or any undertaking, is that of the unseen thought‑element coming of minds working in agreement and concord. No external organization, whether of politics, religion, or business, flourishes otherwise.

Such co‑operation can be effectual when the physical bodies of those so using their thought, or force, are far apart, and (physically) unknown to each other. In other words, if you are daily for a short time sending out a thought of perfect good will to all, friend or enemy, you are attracting to you the beneficial thought‑current of all similarly thinking. If you set apart a certain time each day, so to desire or pray for the good of all, you commence the more to methodize or organize this thought‑current. If, now, two, three, four, or more of you meet, say once a week, to put your minds, or force, if for ever so few minutes, in asking for the realization of the highest, happiest, and most perfected life for yourself and others, you are accumulating still more of this constructive unseen force; and as so you continue to meet, and generate it, you will the more and more develop it into an organized power, and send it to operate in more and more channels for individual and public good,—even as the larger the boiler, the more force in it is generated, the greater the number of machines moved by it, and the more diversified their use.

As all humanity is in spirit joined together, forming one body, so to leave out from your good wishes the “least of these,” is as if you should, in the cure of your own body of any ailment, leave out (were it possible) a part of that body. So to do, would bring injury to the whole; and so to leave out, through hatred, the least fragment of humanity, is bringing injury to the whole, yourself included.

As so you continue to meet, you will, through this silent and mysterious power, be led to others meeting for a similar purpose. Your force will then meet and blend with theirs; and so without any previous external organization, without a formal commencement, or written constitution and by‑laws, you will find yourself in time in full communion, sympathy, and purpose with people all over the land, who in mind, refinement, and tastes are best suited to you, as you are to them.

There is to‑day in our own and other lands, a greater average than ever before of relatively advanced and refined minds, or spirits using physical bodies, who, through the growing spirituality of our era, have been able to be re‑incarnated. Because as opinion broadens, and becomes more liberal, on the earth, it represents a literal element which has enabled a finer type of spirits to come nearer earth, and thereby secure for themselves new bodies to act with on the earth; and the securing of these bodies is a necessity in order to acquire that degree of power which shall make the spirit free, independent, and complete master of the material. You, as a spirit, must have and use a physical body, and profit through all the experiences of a physical body, until such power is gained or grown to; and you must be re‑incarnated, or use one physical body after another, until you attain to a certain degree of spiritual knowledge, and consequent power.

Then, and then only, does your real life commence. When you have passed the period and necessity of your many past unconscious re‑incarnations, the initial point of your real existence has commenced. Then the material is no longer, as now, your master. You are master then of the material, and, having power over the elements, can make at pleasure a physical body, or any other physical thing, to use on the earth‑domain of life,—a power to which some individuals have grown in the past, and more are so to grow in the future. Another result of this development, or evolution, will be the blending of the higher spiritual world with our material world,—the coming of the New Jerusalem, as one of the scribes and seers of the early Christian era expressed it, when people shall live in the spiritual or material at will.

If you are of this order of mind and advanced type of spirit, it is of the utmost importance that you heed our simple suggestion. For, in so sending out your thought, you are establishing a bond of mental communion with the like order of mind. This will in time bring you to those who need you as you need them. You need communication and interchange with your like order of thought, in order to strengthen and confirm you, so that you may know that ideas, which for years have been knocking at your doors, are living truths, and not “notions” or “fancies,” as you will know when you find that others far from you, and for all your previous life unknown to you, have been thinking similar ideas.

Co‑operation of desire in the spirit of perfect good will, though you do not meet physically such as desire with you, will serve as a first step to bring to you more spiritual power here on earth; and such power will go far towards saving you from the ordeal of another unconscious re‑incarnation, where, through the relatively slow and cumbersome experiences of physical birth and physical growth, so much must be lived and learned over and over again with each new entrance into the physical life.

When you so come together in the proper spirit, having your bodies rested, and your minds as much as possible rid of daily cares and troubles, you make a thought atmosphere or element into which spirits like your own in high purpose and motive can come and remain, so long as you keep the thought‑element pure. These may impress and enlighten you. You make, in this way, a place to which they are most anxious to come. They need you, as you need them. They will be of those very nearly related to you. The disembodied are not all independent of the embodied or of this world. In very many cases they need much assistance that the embodied only can give. There can be no sundering of the ties of spiritual relationship because one mind has a physical body to use, and another has not. The being the nearest related to you of all in the universe, and the one whose mental rapport and communion could be of the greatest use to you, may be eagerly awaiting the opportunity to come nearer you through the means we here suggest; and when these are taken, others will in time suggest themselves, which will render such blending of related minds closer and closer, until possibilities are realized which to the mass of the present day would seem as improbable as a tale of “The Arabian Nights.”

When you meet together, or retire apart, having chiefly in your mind the desire for the good of all, you draw and acquire power. That power can never be lost. It is not at all necessary, however, when you so “sit for power,” that your minds be kept bent or strained on the purpose in hand. So long as the purpose is strong and uppermost in your mind, that is enough. If there be two, three, or more of you, you can, after a few minutes of silence the better to concentrate your thought on your purpose, engage in music, or agreeable conversation on any subject, so long as such conversation involves no enviousness or any sort of ill will, carping, or sarcasm toward others. If this spirit of evil creeps in, you will send the same spirit out—a rotten strand, weakening your invisible bond of communication with each other, and cutting off your communication with the highest and most powerful quality of thought.

Do not “think hard” when you send your thought of good will to others. If you are bent on a certain purpose, it is not necessary that such purpose is always present in your memory. Your force is acting on and for such purpose all the same, whether you are thinking of it or not.

Those with quick ear and keen spiritual perception will feel the import of what we recommend. It is not expected that our suggestion will be at first regularly or completely carried out. Though engaged in with zeal at first, periods may come when such zeal and interest may for a time fall away, when the cares or pleasures or interests, or other phases of worldly life, may for a period rush like a torrent between us and the daily regular practice of a few minutes of silent prayer. But the seed once sown with you will never die. Something, as time goes on, will, after all, relapses, force its importance, and profit more and more upon you. You will take hold after such relapses with renewed vigor. You will realize that this silent communion and mental co‑operation is the first step to your new life,—the life of your spirit in happiness infinitely beyond the life of your physical being. You will in time realize that the cultivation of silent prayer, either alone or in congenial and believing groups, is the true means for giving you new life, force, clear sight, and self‑sustaining power for all manner of undertakings. You will realize that it is the readiest means for drawing on the infinite and exhaustless bank of Infinite Spirit and Power.

“The prayer of faith shall heal the sick;” and the thought sent out, desiring the restoration of a sick friend, carries an aid to that friend. If others join in such prayer in faith and trust, so much the greater silent force is developed, and carried to the sick person. If the physical body be so worn out that the sick spirit can no longer hold it, your thought is still an aid and much‑needed help to that spirit without its physical body; for all sickness does not cease this side of the grave. It does not cease in the physical or any other life until the spirit is cured of all unhealthy and false imaginings.

You can excuse your shortcomings as to periods of regular observance; for it is quite impossible to overcome or change in a few months, or even years, the habits and tendencies of the physical life: and it is better far not to sit in silent prayer at all than to make of it a forced, perfunctory, mechanical habit.

What cannot be done without heart, had better not be done at all. But you may rely that the live spark involved in this truth will never die out within you, though it may long smoulder.

To no force in the universe belongs such power as that of minds united in one purpose. It acts, and is ever acting, on all grades of motive. The higher the motive, the greater this power. It is used often unconsciously for evil. Its power is greater when used for good; and the power generated of ten minds for good is superior to that of ten thousand minds acting on a lower motive. But it is a silent power. It moves in mysterious ways. It is noiseless. It makes no show of open opposition. It uses no material methods of effort through tongue or arm or physical force.

Infinite and Eternal Spirit of Good, give us renewed power to overcome all our defects. Give us renewed spirit of good will to all our fellow‑beings. Give us faith, and make us see more and more clearly the law, the ways, the means, the methods, that shall bring us lasting health, peace, happiness, and prosperity. Give us perfect trust in the law of eternal life.

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