I understand how you're feeling.  Yes, you are right!   All your hard work, sweat and tears, pain and suffering that you've given out for the betterment of humanity as a whole all these years are deeply deeply scrutinized, ridiculed, and under appreciated!!  People don't know how to appreciate the Kindness of others anymore!!

You know why?  It's because they lost their Sense of Self!  They have so much Sh*t in their head that they don't know what to do with themselves anymore.  That's why they can't help it but pour out what's inside of their hearts - ugliness.  You know they think that they are so "Clever" that they have to attach their Sh*t with your name so that the world can smell where they are.   People are desperate to have a taste of the "world recognition," Babe.  Please don't take it as their attacks (which most of the times are true), being hurt or upset about it because, if you think about it, you have nothing to do with them.  Really!  So why give a fuck about what they have to say, my Love??!!  It should go into one ear, and out to the other.  

There are many people, however, truly, genuinely, and deeply grateful for what you've done and for all that you've sacrificed to enhance the quality of their lives.  Which side of the scale are you focusing on?  Don't let the negativities of the world overweight the goodness, beauty, and appreciation of the rest of the people.  I am sure, even if you lose everything, fame and fortune, there is still someone out there who'll take your hand and walks along side with you.  That someone is me - only if you let me!

I mean, imagine this, if you become "homeless", and I become homeless (actually I am officially homeless today, honey.  I'm NOT kidding!!), we'll still can make money to take care of our living.  I'll sing and you'll dance, Okay?!  My singing is so bad and terrible that people will give us money out of "sympathy," you know, while others will give us money so that I can "shut the fuck up!!"  :)

At the end of the day, honey, know that the reason why you do what you've done all these years, without having any personal life or time for yourself, is because you CHOSE to do so!  You do it out of the kindness of your heart and because of the Pure Love that you have for Humanity.  That's ALL that matters!!  Who cares about what others think of you and what you do?!  Do you agree, Baby?!  Be strong enough to let all the "unpleasantness" go! 


Know that you've done and given YOUR VERY BEST.  It's time, honey, to leave what you need to leave behind and START LIVING YOUR LIFE!

People send you hate and criticism instead of understanding, loving kindness and appreciation because it's THE PRICE OF SELF-ABANDONMENT!  You've abandoned your Self, honey, Big Time!!  Would you do things DIFFERENTLY this time?!

Yes, you are Right!  Self-Love!!  You need lots of that!!  I love You, honey!!

I hope you are feeling better, Babe!

Now, Let's LOVE!!  It's time to be free, wild, and happy.  There's not a single reason to delay your happiness any longer.  Screw it, let's do it!!

Allow me to hold you.  Your heart is safe with me.  Dare enough to give yourself a chance, and be "Adventurous" enough to  give me a chance to spend the rest of my life to show you What Unconditional Love Is Like!

I love you, Babe.   I really do.   Let's meet and talk.  

P/S:  I am homeless and jobless, honey.   It's the truth.  I only have $1,500 left with so many bills to pay.  I applied to become a maid (cleaning hotel/resort) rooms because they said that they'll provide me a place to live.  That's all I need- a place to live!

Today, at 6:00 pm PST, I'll meet and talk with the hiring manger about the job.  If she hires me, I'll clean the resort rooms in Big Bear (CA).  I hope to meet you there.

Write me or call me, honey.

Phone: 714-418-7937.