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D7. Lies Breed Disease.  Truths Bring Health.

What is it that thinks? one asks. There is thought in everything. The force we call thought is not man’s exclusive property. The sun is an expression of the Infinite Mind, and every ray it sends the earth is full of thought, life and intelligence. Planet, star and man are similar materialized expressions of that mind. So are trees, plants, birds and animals. The same mind and intelligence are in the rocks and soil. There is mind wherever there is life. There is more of this force in a plant than in a stone—more in the animal than the vegetable—more in man than in the animal—more in some men than others—more in the angel than the mortal. There is life and mind in things we call “dead.” Life, force, movement, mind or thought pervade the illimitable universe. It had no beginning. It has no ending.

An idea called “death” exists in men’s minds. It exists nowhere else. The idea of death came of man’s incapacity to see further than the ending of one materialized expression of the Infinite Mind. A tree ceasing to put forth leaves, and its veins to run with sap, he called it “dead.” But life, mind and motion remain still in the wood of that tree. That life, mind and motion are slowly taking the wood to pieces—man calls this decay. It is, on the contrary, the almighty, all‑pervading thought working to put itself in a different form of expression, in order to realize in that form a still greater degree of happiness.

The same life or mind takes a man’s body to pieces when he loses it. If that body was literally dead, it would remain forever as when the breath left it. The idea of Death is the first great untruth. The wild oak is one true expression of the Infinite Mind. That mind in the oak plans the shape and color of its leaves and wood. Mind in the flower plans its shape and color. Mind in the flower seeks and finds the elements which give it color.

There is in every expression of the Infinite Mind, be it animal, bird, fish, tree, plant, rook, fluid, air or mineral, a mind, force and intelligence which man can no more originate, create nor comprehend than he can originate or create himself.

This wisdom and force comes of the Infinite Mind. In the wild plant or flower it is working out one of its innumerable expressions of happiness in that plant or flower. In the wild or natural animal it is working out another.

Plants, animals, birds, and all things in their wild or natural state have a pleasure of their own in existing. They are true expressions of the Infinite Mind. When man interferes with them and forces their cultivation, he interferes with a truth, lessens their sustaining power and lessens their happiness and his own.

Plant, animal and bird have a pleasure in living free of any one’s care, save that of the Infinite Mind which works through them.


When so working they are true expressions of the Infinite Mind. When man interferes with them they cease for a time to be true expressions. Then they become untruths.

Nor does man really improve any tree, plant or animal he cultivates or domesticates. True, he makes them to suit his comfort and convenience, regardless of the truth that as expressions of the Infinite Thought they have a right to their liberty, happiness and natural life.

In their natural state the plant, the fowl, the animal are self‑sustaining. They do not need man’s care. The wild goose, for instance, is stronger, swifter and more symmetrical in shape than the domesticated fowl of the same species. It rears its young without man’s care. It knows when and where to seek the warm or colder climate.

That is because in the wild state it is left free to live according to the dictates of its own spirit or inherent intelligence. That intelligence and foreknowledge of the wild bird comes directly from the Supreme Mind. Men call it “instinct.” It is the Highest Wisdom and truth acting through that particular expression of the Infinite, and when it is left free to act, brings the greatest happiness to that expression.

Therefore, the wild bird or animal enjoys its life far more than when domesticated. When animals or birds are taken by man and bred for a few generations they become weaker; in cases actually deformed, and are subject to diseases from which in their natural state they were free.


As fashioned by the Infinite Mind the bird or animal is an expression of the truest method of realizing the most happiness for itself. They are expressions of the highest truth. The highest truth brings the greatest happiness in whatever form it works.

When man tampers with any expression of the Infinite Mind and attempts to rule such expression, he robs it temporarily of the happiness which the Supreme Wisdom would confer upon it. He makes for bird, plant or animal and himself an unnatural life. He diverts temporarily some physical expression of the highest truth from its true purpose. That purpose is happiness for itself.

The symmetrical, swift‑flying, self‑sustaining, wild goose is a truth. It is one expression of the Infinite Mind for bringing to itself happiness. 

The clumsy, helpless, domesticated goose, bereft of power of flight and unable to care for itself, is a lie. It represents only what remains of a truth after man has meddled with it.

Your canary is doomed to certain death if it escapes from its cage. All self‑sustaining power has been bred out of it by man. In its wild state it was a truth. Man has tried in vain to improve that truth.

The hog, in its natural state, is not an unclean beast. It is agile, not clumsy. Man has made this animal “hoggish” in making it a fat breeding machine. Man sees perfection in breeding it so highly that the prize pig’s legs can scarcely support its body.

The hog has then become a sample of man’s management of a truth.

All man’s endeavors to improve upon the divine and natural order of creation are errors.

When man would fashion the wild bird or animal to his purpose, he interferes with a materialized thought or truth from the Infinite Mind whose purpose is the working out of the greatest enjoyment for itself. That purpose man for a time retards. The animal or bird domesticated by man is crippled and its whole enjoyment lessened. It becomes then an error, a materialized untruth.

An untruth is a truth turned aside from its true purpose. It can only be turned aside for a time. The Infinite Power for good goes straight on and pushes aside the error. It will have its own way. All things which man has made artificial (including himself) must in time become natural a true expression of the Infinite.

Becoming more natural is not returning to barbarism. The Infinite Mind (not man) brought this planet and man with it from chaos and crudeness to its present more refined condition. That mind in ways we cannot understand is going on with that refinement, and making man also more gentle and refined.

The Infinite Mind and Wisdom insists on making everything happy. Nothing is left out. The more of the element force or thought of happiness sent out by bird, animal, or plants in their natural state the more will man absorb and feel it. In time to come when man learns to let these natural expressions alone— when he ceases trying to convert them into untruths, he will live literally on this thought of happiness as so put out by every natural expression of the Infinite. It will be to him the Elixir of Life. It will give him power to live without slaying bird, fish or animal for food, without even turning plants aside from their natural life to give him grain.

The purpose of life in plants, animals, birds, man, and all things as directed by the Infinite Mind is happiness for each and everything. The more of such happiness felt and put out by each thing, the more is felt by all things. The Infinite intends to fill and saturate its creation with an atmosphere of happiness. Not an orgie, but a beautifully organized current of pleasurable sensation ever flowing through us. When we interfere with the Divine Law in any way, as when we imprison or cripple the power of bird, beast, plant or ourselves, we lessen temporarily their happiness and our own. We must feel in some way the pain we put on them. We are then reminded by pains and penalties of some sort that we are out of the current of true thoughts. The test of true thoughts as we demand them, and they act themselves out through us is lasting happiness. The sign of an untruth as drawn to and temporarily acting on us is some form of pain. To demand earnestly true thoughts is to connect ourselves with the Supreme Power or be “One with God.” To be as one with the Supreme Power is to be ever seeing more and more clearly ways, means and methods for bringing us permanent happiness.

Man draws now to a limited extent on true expressions of the Infinite for giving him happiness. Does the poet go to man’s works for inspiration? He has sung most and ever will sing most of the mountains and lakes, the forest and sky. Because, directing his mind on these divine materialized thoughts, he draws from them a literal element which gives him force and inspiration. Going to them in kindness and sympathy, he draws from them literally their intelligence and thought, and adds it to his own. But from this source of pleasure for him he has scarcely begun to drink.

In time, man being a greater expression of the Infinite Mind, will learn to copy tree, bird and animal the lesser expressions of that mind, and do as they in letting that power work through him.

He will see very clearly that a wisdom far beyond his own has charge of him and insists on having charge of him, to carry him to higher and higher states of happiness. He will in spirit hear the Infinite Mind saying to him, “You cannot make truths. I alone can do that.”

All the plants, animals, birds and fish—all things as I made them are good. They are truths. When you meddle with them you divert them temporarily from their true purpose. That purpose is happiness. You make of them untruths. Untruths bring only pain.

Take truths then as I give them to you and they will carry you to a happiness far beyond your present power to realize.

Your ways and methods of life, your slaughter, enslavement and crippling of birds and animals, your inventions, your machines, your so‑called wisdom, your civilization, prove, after all, errors, for they fail to bring what you seek—happiness. You are making your lives more and more artificial and unnatural.

Your modes of cultivation are taking life from the soil, putting little back, and will ultimate in famine.

You pollute the rivers with your factories and sewage. You make an atmosphere in your great cities unfit to breathe. Your struggle for existence grows harder and harder. Your business methods craze men with excitement. Your merchants and statesmen and others snap the thread of their physical lives through the tension in which they live: You are trying to live on untruths, and untruths can only bring unhappiness.”

An untruth cannot endure. It cannot forever go on adding to itself ever increasing misery, be the misery that of man, animal, bird, or plant. As man goes on with what he calls the “improvement” of breeds and species, the Supreme Wisdom puts more and more difficulties in the way. Disease and epidemics attack the domesticated animals and birds unknown in their natural state.

The fruit and grain growers have a constant struggle with destructive insects bred, as it were, from his artificially cultivated vegetation. The highly bred animal becomes more and more difficult to raise and a greater tax on man’s care. At last a point is reached where all so‑called improvement of the species stops, because the animal loses the power entirely of having its unnatural life sustained by man’s unnatural methods. The materialized untruth cannot go on any farther.

When this point is reached man is obliged to go back to the original type of the animal, bird or plant (or as near as he can get at it), to replenish his artificially raised species. The breed of fancy rabbits, for instance, must, from time to time, be replenished from the wild of their kind to give them vigor. So even with plants. The more vigorous and natural grape vine of America replenishes the exhausted vineyards of France. Man is obliged to go back to a truth or natural expression of Infinite Force to get power to sustain his untruth a little longer.

When his care and breeding of bird or animal ceases, they become in a few generations wild, original and natural. That is the untruth returns to a truth. Left to itself it reverts to the current and care of the Higher Wisdom which alone can create it and sustain it. An untruth of any kind has constantly to be nursed, and with all its nursing grows weaker and weaker. If we tell one lie we have always in some way to bolster it up with another, yet our position grows weaker and more liable to exposure with each lie. Divert bird or animal from the fashion, and life intended for them by the Infinite and our methods necessary to sustain their unnatural life, become more and more forced and unnatural. Your highly bred horses and cattle must be well housed, their food prepared for them with great care, yet they are far less hardy than the animal left to forage for itself.

These methods are untruths committed by man in the vain endeavor to bolster up the first untruth which consisted in diverting the bird, animal or plant from the life the Infinite intends for it.

It is the nature of a truth to be self sustaining. The wild trees of the forest and the wild bird and animal being true expressions of the Infinite Mind, prove themselves to be truths, because they rear themselves without man’s care from age to age.


We shall in time see clearly how this same law applies to us. When we get, as we shall, the courage to trust to the Infinite Wisdom which insists on making us living truths instead of errors, all things will be done for us. All things necessary for happiness will come to us, as the elements come to the flower to give it its beauty and happiness.


We are not the makers of true thoughts, or, in other words, of the Infinite Wisdom. We are the reservoirs or channels for true thoughts to flow through and work their expressions of happiness through. We shall learn that in the true life there is nothing to do but to keep ourselves open to true thoughts, remain otherwise passive and let these thoughts do their work. They will give us no idle, sluggish life, but one full of happy activity. They will force us to act happily in art, in poetry, in music, in business, in countless ways we cannot now realize.


A bird does not make its music. It holds itself open to the Infinite Mind, and that mind pours music through it. That is what we shall learn to do to receive inspiration and power for any effort.


It is our great privilege to do this more intelligently than bird, tree, animal or any other limited expression of the Infinite, and therefore, to get results for happiness far greater and quicker.

The spirit is made of the thoughts it draws to itself. These thoughts it sends and builds into the body. As the spirit aspires or demands true thoughts it makes its physical body of true thoughts.

Only true thoughts can be forever built into our spirits. An untruth, however, can fasten on it but only for a time.

The spirit cannot retain it. It casts it off. It will not build into itself forever anything but truth. 

Whatever pain, sickness, unrest and trouble you may have comes of your spirit’s endeavor to cast out or throw off some lie or error which like a parasitical plant has fastened itself upon it. It will not receive that lie.


But you may not know what that lie or error is. All of us are believing to‑day more or less in lies or errors we have not yet found out.

We cannot find out these errors all at once. As we earnestly demand truth the spirit will send it proportionate to our needs, and as it comes the errors must go one by one. As they go the new element of thought forms newer and finer flesh and blood for the body. In this way is the body regenerated.

The pain we experience, be it of mind or body, is the spirit’s way of telling our material selves that something wrong is trying to incorporate itself into our eternal beings. The spirit will not recognize that thing as proper building material.

It is a great help to your spirit, if you will but entertain a truth, though you may not at first be able to believe it. We cannot absolutely believe in new truths when they are first presented to us. This should not be expected of any one. We may credit them. We may wish to believe in them. But absolute belief means acting out and living up to an idea without doubt or uncertainty, and with the same confidence that the navigator has in his compass, charts and chronometer. This we cannot do until any certain truth is literally incorporated and becomes a part of the physical body.

It becomes then literally a part of our flesh and blood. When it does it acts with the greater force.

We do not make a truth, nor do we make it act. On the contrary, a truth comes to us already made. It acts on us and creates results for us. Ideas coming to poet or inventor and built from the spirit into the body, force spirit and body to poetry or invention. So, when the truth of perfect health, regeneration and immortality in the flesh become parts of both spirit and body, they compel belief, and belief compels you to perfect health, regeneration and immortality.

When a truth becomes a part of our material self, a literal belonging of our flesh and blood, we cease trying to believe it. We do not try to believe that our stomachs will digest our food. That power of belief is a part of our flesh and blood, and acts because such belief is literally in the body.

A true thought is a living, moving, acting thing or force, and it may become so strong that it can clothe itself and act in a physical form without the aid of bands. We would call that a “miracle.” It is only the working of a law we now know little about.

As our spirit draws and builds more and more of true thoughts into itself, the more sensitive and alive is it to all untruths. It rejects them the more quickly, exactly as a healthy stomach will reject food unfit for it. This for a time may cause with the individual more physical disturbance, for the spirit fully alive to error and reinforced ever by true thoughts, is continually driving off the untruths he may have unconsciously held for years.

The reason above all others why we should not lie, is that the habit brings sickness to our bodies and misery to our minds. Lying does us the greatest wrong. So does any other sin we may commit.

When we tell lies either by word of mouth or by implication we make those lies or crooked thoughts a part of our bodies, exactly as when we receive true thoughts we make them literally parts of our bodies. If we put only untruths in the body they will destroy it.

The lies we may tell becoming literally parts of the body, act themselves out in the body. In the order of the Infinite Wisdom a lie or untruth cannot endure. It kills itself. If the whole body is a living mass of untruths, then that body being a lie cannot endure.

The more lies we tell the less are we able to see truths when they are presented us. The habit of lying grows so with some that they cannot even tell when they are lying or when speaking the truth, because their flesh is actually composed of lying thoughts. They can no more for the time help being deceitful than a fox can keep from being “foxy.”

Lying is not confined to false statements by means of words. We can tell lies without speaking a word. We can welcome people to our houses when we wish they would not come. This is a lie. We can smile when we are neither entertained nor amused by others. That smile pretends that we are entertained. It is a lie. It has in it the thought of a lie. We can pretend an interest in people’s welfare or comfort because they have money we hope to get. That pretension is a lie. We dare scarcely own the real motive to ourselves. We may connect ourselves with churches partly to gain a position in society or help our business. That act is a lie. We may speak from platform or pulpit things which do not satisfy our internal convictions. That is lying. We may say that things are pleasant to us when they are unpleasant. That is a lie: Half consenting to a thing, the consent which says “Yes” when it means “No” is a lie.

These lies, told in various ways, are so common that we often forget they are lies. But they work their evil results on the body exactly the same as if we knew we were lying. This unconscious lying brings evil to the body faster than conscious lying.

It is as poison unconsciously taken into the system, and when a person is blind to the fact that he is indulging in an injurious habit, there is little present hope for him. The habit of lying may fasten on us a spiritual blindness which cannot see the truth. When we are unconscious of the lying habit, we are all the faster building up for ourselves a physical body of untruths, so that at last the material part of us can only see untruths and believe in them. This brings sickness and at last death to the body. Because untruths cannot last, and it is in the Divine Law that if our physical body gets filled with them and represents only a mass of untruths, they will destroy that body so that its spirit may get one more suitable to its purpose. So the Higher Law uses what we call evil to bring good.

The habit of lying attracts one to lying and liars. For this reason a “confirmed liar” will believe another liar quicker than he will one who is truthful. The “sharper” in one kind of business is often deluded by the “sharper” in some other kind of business. Being made of lies physically as well as spiritually, they attract each other. In all nature like attracts like.

The person built of lies and the more truthful person are unpleasant to each other. The invisible element and force each puts out antagonize and creates for each an unpleasant mental feeling, while in each other’s presence, for truth and error cannot dwell together.

But our known and conscious lies form but a small part of the lies we may unconsciously believe in. If we believe them we act them and live them. If we act and live them, we tell them constantly to ourselves and others.

All lies and errors materialize themselves on the body. Any error or untruth held by the spirit makes its expression in the flesh, exactly as the mental condition of a brutal person puts brutality on that face, or that of a despondent person puts gloom on his face.

Gray hairs, wrinkles and all signs of age on the face or body are materialized signs of error. They are signs that a false belief has for a time fastened itself on the spirit. One false belief is that the decay of the physical body is inevitable, and by no possibility to be avoided, and that the Infinite Spirit has decreed this decay and made it an immutable and never changing law. This is a lie. It is a parasitical growth of untruth. This untruth is held by all our race. It is believed in so firmly that it is rarely thought of and never questioned.

Our minds do literally feed our bodies with the thoughts in them. All thoughts are things sent from the mind to the body where they are crystallized or materialized into the visible substance of the body. Your body is a thought expressing in visible substance the mind that makes it. If our minds in ignorance try to build an untrue thought into the body it cannot last. It proves itself an untruth by decay. When true thoughts are sent from spirit to body they will prove themselves by making life everlasting for the body, as life is everlasting for the spirit.

The way out of all these mortal troubles and untruths is so simple and yet so wonderful. Ask for true thoughts. Ask for power to believe them when they come. Ask for power to be able to believe in a Supreme Wisdom, not in a half believing way, but as literally as you believe in the existence of the Atlantic Ocean. Ask persistently and importunately. Don’t ask it as a favor of the Infinite of whom you are a part, to send you what that Power insists you must have and shall have to increase the sum total of His and your happiness. If you make a thing for a man which will ennoble and elevate him and you at the same time, and that thing can only be used for such purpose by that particular man, do you want him to come to you begging, supplicating, cringing for it?

In the Infinite Mind there is neither beggary, supplication nor dependence. These, then, are untruths. The Infinite can hold nothing but truth. The Infinite Mind insists that our quality of thought shall be as near as possible its quality. That is drawing nearer to God.

Getting nearer to the Supreme is becoming more and more like the Supreme. Your spirit of earnest demand implies no lack of reverence. Earnest demand is not insolent or insulting demand. The more you realize of the Supreme Wisdom the more you must reverence it. But supplication or begging is not reverence. The beggar does not reverence you when he asks of you a shilling. He does not reverence you when he gets it. The Infinite likes and responds to that spirit which says, “I demand to be a whole man or a whole woman. I demand to know the right way.” That is your right. The Infinite Mind wants you to know your rights and assert them. It says: “These goods are yours. Why, then, should you beg or supplicate for them?”

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