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Freckled Skin

E1. Woman's Real Power.

There are two grand divisions in the domain of thought (which is really the endless domain of universe). These divisions are the masculine and feminine.


The masculine and feminine thought exists and is blended in every possible form of life, be it man, animal, vegetable or mineral, and also in many forms of life not now realized by our physical senses.


The more perfect the blending between these two elements the more perfected the marriage. The principle of marriage exists in all forms of element.


In man and woman is this marriage capable of the highest perfection. Through the man and woman created for each other by the Supreme as their spiritual elements blend, a power between them will be more and more thoroughly organized, and this man and woman will be able to create more and more happiness for themselves first and others afterwards.


The aim and ultimate of marriage is a constantly increasing and expanding happiness through the rounding out and development of the spiritual powers of the man and woman destined for each other by the Supreme. Through the action of their thought on each other such marriage results in an ever‑perfecting health and strength, entire freedom from disease, growing elasticity of limbs and muscle, perpetuation of youth, increasing mental power, increasing capacity to enjoy every phase of life, and the gradual and healthy growth of those powers outside the domain of physical sense. Neither man nor woman can accomplish these results alone.


Nor can they be accomplished save by the two destined for each other from the beginning, and the grand support and uplifting power of these two will be a constant demand of the Supreme for power and light.


These possibilities will be realized in the future of the race, as we grow from the present cruder to finer states of being.


The feminine thought has the peculiar quality and capacity of sensing or feeling more keenly than man, what exists in the world of spiritual things. Man’s thought has the most power to act in the world of physical things.


In the real and divine marriage the man acknowledges this power of woman, defers to it and is glad to profit by it.


Man’s body is formed in accordance with the peculiar character of the masculine thought, being coarser in fiber and physically better adapted than woman’s to lift, tug and carry.


He is more aggressive, and the Supreme Power has given him an inherent liking to cope and contend with the elements.


The physical woman is finer in fiber than man, because she receives and transmits to man a spiritual power of thought finer and more powerful than he can receive without her. This feminine force moulds her physical body in accordance with its inherent character. 


The physical world and the spiritual or unseen world are as closely linked together as is the tree and its roots.


What we see, hear and touch in the world of physical things, is much the smaller part of the world in which we really live. Everything tangible to our physical sense on this Earth had its origin and commencement in the world of spirit. Not an event occurs in the physical world—not a war—not a discovery or invention—not a progressive movement but that is first wrought out in that world which to us is unseen and intangible—the world of spirit. The events of the physical world are as the shadows on the curtain, illuminated from behind. The spiritual world represents the real actors behind that curtain. The physical world is analogous to the shadows thrown on that curtain by the persons behind it.


The feminine thought element has the most power to penetrate this unseen world and sense rather than see what is going on there.


This peculiar feminine power and quality of thought as imperfectly known and recognized by our race goes by the name of “intuition.” It has been spoken of as the inward teaching or knowledge of events beyond reach of the physical senses coming from within. But such knowledge comes from without. The feminine thought ranges and reaches out. It traverses distances; material solidity is no obstacle to it. It senses an event by means and power not capable of explanation. It feels the acts or motive or character of persons. It feels a coming good or a coming ill. It brings its apprehension of things for good or ill back to the domain of its physical senses. Its power for reaching out and into the realm of the unseen or spiritual side of life is a power as literal as that by which you lift a heavy weight, and this power of woman’s mind is stronger than with man.


The masculine thought has similar powers, but lesser in degree.


Let us repeat that all things good or evil are acted out in the world of spirit before being acted out in the physical world. A man who steals or lies or murders does so in mind long before he commits the physical act. He “has it in his heart,” to use a common expression. Woman’s mind seeing farther and clearer than man’s into the spiritual life, sees or rather feels such tendencies in that man very quickly when brought into external contact with him. Her impressions are unfavorable regarding him. These impressions are not based on what we call “reason.” “Do you know anything of that man? Have you any evidence that he is a bad man?” may be asked of her. “No.” She has not. Simply she does not like him. Mentally he gives her a disagreeable sensation. Man is prone to call this “the woman’s whim.”


It is the natural belonging of the feminine mind so to see clearer than man, exactly as in physical eyesight one person may see clearly at a much greater distance than another.


What we call “reason,” or “common sense” is based entirely on cause and result as we think we see cause and result worked out in the physical world. But when we enter the spiritual world, we meet an entirely new system of cause and result underlying the physical, and the feminine thought has more perception in this world than has man’s.


Women are more inclined to religious devotion than man in all denominations, because their farther sensing thought feels vaguely that great truths and realties do underlie all forms of religion, although their truths are often distorted, perverted and misrepresented.


Women bear trouble with more equanimity than men, because of their greater capacity to draw a strength from the Supreme Power. Man in trouble is more prone to make a woman his confidant and unload his burthen on her. It is this same spiritual power which makes her the best nurse in sickness.


In the Infinite Mind the masculine and feminine element is equally blended. The Supreme Power is not all masculine nor all feminine.


Man, ages ago, inferring from his greater physical strength, and unconscious that for such strength he was largely dependent on the spiritual force given him by the feminine mind, made Deity exclusively masculine. He inferred that because the masculine element asserted the most physical power, the masculine must be the leading and creative force in Nature. He inferred that man drew all his strength out of himself, and that beyond giving him birth, the feminine element had nothing to do with the perpetuation of either the strength of his body or the clearness and power of his mind.


But the current of feminine thought flowing ever toward him, is a vital part of his daily life. It is not seen, nor heard, nor felt in the physical sense, yet it is as necessary to his life and health as is the presence of the feminine element in vegetation to insure healthy productiveness, and this in the vegetable kingdom is as much a spiritual power as in our race. The spiritual force of the feminine is the other half of the moving force in all Nature.


This force is blended and indispensable in all things and in all movements, civil, religious, political and commercial.


The force and effect of woman’s thought is not now, nor was it ever stamped out by masculine assumption. Man succeeds only in checking it on the plane of physical activities. This is not checking it at all. No man can tell of the direction which may be given his thought, or how he may be influenced by the half hour passed in conversation with a woman. He may absorb from her a thought not spoken at all, and that thought may alter the destiny of his whole life for good or ill. If the woman cannot be President, she may influence the President’s mind, though both may be unconscious of the action and result of these spiritual forces on each other.


Designing, crafty woman in courts and senates, have set floods of mischief afloat through their silent force of thought. France has been ruled by kings’ mistresses more than she ever was by her kings.


So much for woman’s power for evil when she has not demanded of the Supreme for wisdom in the use and direction of her thought or force.


Every woman who in her hours of solitude deprecates in human affairs what she cannot prevent, who regrets the folly and waste of war, who turns yearningly to some more gentle and loving management of affairs, who wishes that man’s turbulent and headstrong spirit could be swayed by softer impulses, is putting out that strong unseen subtle force which is working quietly its result. And such current of thought coming from her as she has drawn it from the Supreme, meets that of other feminine minds thinking as she does, and so meeting goes on ever increasing in volume and power. This is unconscious “prayer without ceasing.” It is the spiritual element which is refining the world. It is not physically seen or heard. But it is felt. It is a literal power, but it works outside the domain of physical cause and result. It is the Supreme Power working for good through the finer feminine instrument, and working first through her in this way as it always has and always will work first.


If the feminine mind and sympathy were withdrawn from every man in any great city—if we should assume for sake of illustration that the whole feminine mind in that city should be placed exclusively on business, and man by them was regarded as if he did not exist, there would within a few years be a very inferior race of men physically and mentally in that city. Because in such case a spiritual force would be withdrawn, which gives men strength and vigor. 


That force is as necessary to the man in his maturer years as the sustenance which the mother gave him when an infant. The sustenance given by the mother to the infant is a physical means for carrying her love to the child. The greater her love so carried the more vigorous will be the child. For real love—love in its highest sense is a life and force to give and perpetuate health and strength far greater than bread and meat.


The feminine thought element is as necessary to man in his maturer years as it is in infancy. Man does not realize this. He absorbs it unconsciously.


Men who in their households or places of business are much in the atmosphere of women, draw from them a spiritual force, which gives them life, energy and capacity for business. Women give it unconsciously, and men receive it unconsciously. Woman will grow more and more alive to the possession and use of her peculiar power. She cannot prevent this power from acting through her no more than we can prevent ourselves from thinking. But she can, when demanding guidance of the Supreme, direct its use and flow so that there shall result the highest happiness to herself. Now as she gives this force to man, it is often used by him without recognition or appreciation and wasted.


When we recognize a truth, and it forms part of our daily thought, its work as an unseen force acting on us and others has begun, and from that time that work goes on increasing and expanding in volume.


The truth then growing on the feminine mind that God, the Endless and Eternal Creative Force, is a blending of the two creative forces, the masculine and feminine, that this blending extends to all nature, that her peculiar power is to see spiritually farther than man, and that in so doing she brings a power to man, indispensable to him—all this an unseen element flowing to and acting on the masculine mind, not in hostility and anger, but as a gentle and loving demand for justice will change his mental attitude toward woman without his scarcely knowing it.


When a few women realize that feminine love and sympathy keeps men literally alive, gives them health and strength, furnishes them with impetus, energy and plan for business, they will have set in motion a noiseless force, which will change the whole masculine life. It will make men see that woman is a real partner in the business and pleasure of life, and not a partner to be used when convenience requires, and ignored at other times.

But this change is not to come with noise or sensation or be heralded by champions on the platform or attended with argumentation against man’s past attitude toward woman.


The Force of the Infinite comes to human hearts “like a thief in the night.” The Infinite does not “vanquish” error as the armed gladiator does his opponent. It changes opinion almost imperceptibly. It sends a force gentle in its action but impossible for the more material element to resist. It is as the Sun melting the glacier.


Would the chemist refuse to use some element hitherto rejected and despised, when he found that its use and blending with other material produced we will say a metal more perfect in temper, elasticity and strength, more brilliant in color, and better adapted for a thousand uses, than any before known? No more will the masculine mind refuse the help and strength to mind and body which it will receive when it recognizes the feminine force of woman’s peculiar spiritual power as indispensable to the coming, greater, broader and happier life.


It is not here to be inferred that the impressions or spiritual far seeing of every woman are of a high order, or to be taken by man as his guide to the highest success. Unless woman demands wisdom of the Supreme Power, she will receive thought and impression from a lower source, and going astray will lead man with her as now she does in numberless cases.


But as the feminine mind, or other half of the masculine has the greater power to sense the things of the spirit, so it follows that when that mind is placed on the Supreme, it draws knowledge and power from the Supreme more readily than man’s, and when man sees this, as in time he will, he will be very glad to receive from her what the Infinite has given her a peculiar power to get. There is for him no more inferiority involved in his dependence on her for this spiritual strength than is the band inferior to the eye. Both have their uses. Both are glad of the aid each can render to the other. Neither can usurp the other’s function.


In the endeavor to state this truth man is not condemned nor censured for his ignorance of a law, no more than is the child who comes to school to learn reading and writing, blamed for not knowing the alphabet. The wisest angel is as ignorant to‑day as the unlettered child, of things to be known in the future. Revelation never stops.


This feminine foresight as it comes more and more into play will bring into the world, balanced wisdom. Balanced wisdom comes of harmony between things material and things spiritual. The masculine mind represents the physical world, the feminine the spiritual. This feminine spiritual force is the balance to man’s material aggressiveness, which still hold such sway. In all efforts to‑day the tendency in man is to draw too heavily on his forces. In science, in politics, in business, in art, he works until he drops from exhaustion. He becomes absorbed and sucked in the thought current of some peculiar avocation. He is often heedless of woman’s oft‑repeated admonition to rest and recuperate. And at last he loses the ability to rest and recuperate. The physical end is then not far off.

As man is dependent on woman to give him of her peculiar spiritual force, so is woman equally dependent on man for a certain masculine force derived from him. Woman cannot exist without sending this force to man. Her love and sympathy demand something of the other element on which they may be placed. If her mind is not centered on an individual it will be on a masculine ideal.

As woman has a superior power in one direction, man has in another. In the more perfect blending of the masculine and feminine minds, there is no such thing as one having the entire control, leadership, or government of the other. It is a combination of woman’s spiritual far‑sightedness and man’s strength for working out the result of her superior vision. The peculiar power of one sex is as necessary to the other as in the telegraph the wire is necessary as a conductor of electricity. Without the wire no intelligence could be conveyed; without the electric fluid, the wire for that purpose would be of no avail. Spiritually the sexes are in an analogous relation. Woman draws a force or spirit from the higher domain of thought. Man, as the wire, can best carry and use it on the more material planes of existence. When in this way in the future, men and women recognize their peculiar spiritual powers and their proper relation and use to each other, far greater results for happiness will be realized.

To‑day the tendency is still very strong for the masculine element to assert an entire independence of the feminine in all governmental and controlling movements. Women’s peculiar judgment and intuition is still held in contempt, although that contempt is gradually diminishing. Women themselves in many cases, absorbing from man and each other this thought of their inferiority, esteem themselves as inferior, and strengthen man in his inferior estimate of them. Whoever believes themselves inferior will for a time be inferior. But this condition of things cannot last. It cannot last, because the idea is founded in error. Every woman, be she silly and trifling as she may, carries in her spirit the divine germ of her superior intuition or power of seeing truth in the Supreme Mind sooner than man. Her present vision may be imperfect and distorted. Her present judgment in any direction may be of no value, but the germ is there. It may be but the faintest spark from the Supreme Light. It cannot be extinguished. Nor can it lessen. It may be covered and buried under the ashes of lower and material thought. But the sacred fire and qualities of truth is in duration eternal, and is ever attracting more of the divine fire to itself. It will shine more and more brightly. It burns away and purges itself of the dross which temporarily covers it.

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