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E7. Good and Ill Effects of Thought.


Beauty of face and beauty of form from head to foot is the right of every human being. Every face like every flower that blooms should please its own and others’ eyes and in the future every face will so please. Beauty is a gift most generously bestowed in nature’s myriad expressions, from the form of every leaf or bird’s feather, or falling flake of snow which close inspection shows to be crystallized into countless forms of fascinating symmetry and proportion.


It is worth repeating over and over again that your health, your fortunes, your success in any undertaking depends entirely on your predominant mental condition or frame of mind. If that continual frame of mind is hopeful, buoyant, courageous, always looking on the bright side and toward success, never desponding, or if so inclined, fighting off despondency, then you are certain of ultimate success, for then you are sending out the force which attracts success.


The more you cultivate and live in this frame of mind, the stronger will your faith become in these silent and hitherto almost unrecognized thought forces, which will bring you health, peace, happiness and success, for as this silent power with you increases, as increase it must when held to, you will receive more and more proofs and ever stronger proofs of what it can do for you.


But certain conditions must be observed to keep in this the successful mood of mind, which is the strongest force—indeed the only force for drawing to you all of the best this earth can give and that without much other effort save what is pleasing in the exercise of your business, art or profession. For when you hold persistently to the successful mental state, you become a magnet drawing ever people to aid you as you in return can aid them. But if you are much of the time despondent and gloomy, you become the negative magnet driving the best from you, and attracting the worst. You will then, if aided at all, be aided only as an “object of charity,” which is really no aid at all, for if you cannot be useful or valuable to others, you are, (be your station or rank in society where it may), only endured—not needed.


The greatest obstacle towards the realization of your continual serene, cool, deliberate self‑composed and peaceful frame of mind (which is the mood and source of power), lies in promiscuous and unwise association with all manner of people whose thought is on a lower level than your own. If you associate ever so little with the frivolous, the aimless, the cynical, the, grumbling, the despondent with those who have no faith in these spiritual laws, which underlie and are the only moving powers for affecting all material results, you will absorb some inferior thought and this will shackle, weigh down and cripple your power and injure your health. If you go into families, where there is a despondency or cynicism or peevishness, a belief only in things material be they ever so friendly with you, you come out shorn of some of your power, especially if you are moved to give them sympathy. Every thought of sympathy represents so much force taken from you and no force of yours demands more discretion in its outlay.


Having a defined purpose in view, the atmosphere of thought you carry with you in your dealings with others is a power stronger to aid you than your spoken words. Because all so coming in contact with you will feel this atmosphere. It you have confidence in your ability, if you are honest to the core, they will feel that confidence and honesty after you leave them, and as you persist in your purpose they will feel it more and more, for that power is always acting on them.


But if even though having all this confidence and ability, you are in association with the dishonest, aimless, skeptical, desponding or dependent order of mind, you will absorb of these qualities of thought. You must then carry more or less of this atmosphere with you. Then those with whom you deal feel it and the impression you make and leave on them is less favorable to your interests.


You can make an atmosphere a power of thought to carry with you as literally as you can build a house or make any material thing, and such atmosphere or power can be made only through association with mind on the same level as your own. If you cannot find such mind here embodied, you will make it in seclusion whereby you give mind in purpose and motive like your own opportunity to have access to you and generate the same power.


If you are always mixing and mingling with a large circle of acquaintances and you give to each one your sympathy, if your company is desirable and pleasant; if you bring, on calling on them, a certain strength and exhilaration, you will as a result, when absent, and even at a distance from them, have their minds fixed on yours, and their thoughts ever flowing toward you and meeting and mingling with yours. If these friends live in the same world of thought as yourself—if their aims, purposes, aspirations are equal with yours—if they believe as you do, and try to live up to such belief—their flow of thought to you will be of great advantage. It will strengthen your mind and body. It will aid to prevent you from falling into the despondent or unsuccessful frame of mind. It will aid to keep you in the peaceful, cheerful, equable mood, which is the mood of success. It will aid to keep you in uninterrupted communication with the higher or Supreme Power or current of elevated and powerful thought on which, when once you are fairly launched and committed, you will be carried onward to ever increasing happiness and success, as the current of the Mississippi carries the shallop to the sea.

But if the minds so fixed on yours are not on your mental level—if the thought so flowing to you from a distance is lower than your own—if these acquaintances like you for your company, but have little or no faith in what they may call your “peculiar ideas,” or even if they like for the time being to hear you talk concerning them, but their faith does not prove itself by their works, then if still you continue to cultivate them, their minds fixed on yours—their thought coming to you from distant places is a damage to you. It will mingle with and muddy your own. It will prevent you from seeing clearly and acting wisely in your undertakings.

It will cut off your mental communication with higher and more powerful minds as well as from the higher and constructive thought current. It will inject into your mind unaccountable periods of depression, gloom and peevishness. It will color your ideas and plans for material advancement with the dark shade of discouragement. It will lessen your moral courage to assert yourself and stand up for your rights. It will bring you that immense waste of force which comes of indecision. It will make you cowardly before understrappers and pigmies. When you keep in such mental rapport with this class of mind, their moods become more or less your moods. You become them in part through such mental communication. You think their thoughts as they so came to you and thinking them, are the more disposed to act them, and if they are in any way on the down grade in health or fortune, you will have a tendency also to go on the down grade in health and fortune.

It has always been received as a truth, that it is our duty to give ear and sympathize with every unfortunate or suffering person. This is a mistake. To many it has proved a fatal mistake. When you give of such sympathy, you give of your real force. If you give thus unwisely and receive nothing back of a quality of thought correspondent to your own, you will in time have nothing yourself to give. You will be weakened in spirit and if in spirit you must be in body. Some warm‑hearted and sympathetic ministers who have thrown their whole souls into every movement made by their congregations, the Sunday School and the Charitable Society, who have visited the sick and condoled with the bereaved and conformed to the many demands made upon them, have found in time their own strength, energy and inspiration to fail. If a man like Beecher has the living truth in him, it is quite enough for him to stand up once a week and give of that truth. He has done a great service to thousands and he has done enough.

For any such person every other sympathetic impulse and outflow of force or thought should be most carefully considered and guarded. He can have kindness for all, but when his thought rushes out in volumes of sympathy, now on this individual, then on that, he is in danger.

If among a crowd of inferior people you submit tamely to some imposition, outrage or insult because you are afraid to speak out before them, then you are ruled by the inferior mind of that crowd.

If you fear in filling occasions to speak your mind openly to any person, that person’s mind dominates and rules yours, though such person may be greatly your inferior. If you are much with that person that mind will rule and influence yours, though your bodies may be far apart. You will then absorb and partake to an extent of that person’s passions, appetites, prejudices, and even ailments, besides being ruled by them and thwarted in your aims.

True, such persons may seem your friends. They may even believe they are your friends. But there are in the world thousands of unconscious tyrants and tyrannies in the name of friendship—people who call and believe themselves friends only so long as you do what they wish, only so long as you give them your society, and you allow them to drag you in their direction, who are sore if you do not call on them so often as they desire, or if you seek other association. If you tolerate and endure this tyranny—if they enjoy their way and you only endure their way, then you are not only their slave but you are being injured in body, mind and fortune through the absorption of the inferior thought element, you are continually receiving as you think of them.

Through long mental habit you may feel abject, crushed and humble before that certain brutal, bulldog, domineering, brow‑beating order of mind which tries to bring every one in subjection to its will. Before them personally even your body may feel weak. You hesitate in speech. Your tongue cannot obey the desire of your mind. So strong is the action of their will on your mind or spirit that it actually drives the better part of it away from your body and therefore it can not control or use your body. You can by degrees remedy this weakness and rise above them by asserting yourself when alone. Speak to them in mind when alone as you cannot now when in their presence. See yourself when alone as often as possible able to cope with them. You are then building yourself up into more and more courage. You are then getting rid of your cowardice and nothing fetters and prevents success more than moral cowardice.

To get to and own this mental condition the greatest aid is a total cutting from all cowardly association. To be intimate with cowardly mind is to absorb cowardly thought unless you are positive or on the defensive to repel it, and if you are, the continual strain supposing you are continually exposed to such thought will over‑tax you in some way.

There is but one way out of these mental tyrannies and injuries. You must cut off all inferior associations and occupy yourself in some way so as much as possible to forget them.

You may say that such manner of life dooms you to perpetual solitude. You ask, “Must I cut off all association with mankind?”

Not at all. In so doing you are only preparing the way for association with the best of your kind, who can bring you aid for all your undertakings, and whose thought is worth absorbing, for its quality will strengthen you in every way. You will also through such temporary solitude build up a world of your own, in which for times and seasons you can happily live. You will, through cutting off the muddy currents of thought from inferior minds, see more and more in familiar things and find sources of enjoyment in things which before were uninteresting and barren. You will as so centered in yourself make yourself stronger and stronger as a magnetic power to draw to you what most you need to carry out your purposes.

People who cannot live save with crowds—people who must have company, no matter what the company are composed of—people who will gossip with their servants if there be none other to gossip with have little power, or if they possess power waste it in so doing. One real friend who sees with you “eye to eye and face to face” is worth all others in the world who meet you only in part. Such a friend is worth the waiting for years. Such a friend will come to you through the inevitable law of attraction if you desire him or her, providing you prepare the way as has here been indicated.

Solitude so‑called does not necessarily involve loss of company. There is company for you everywhere and that of the best and finest, so that you cultivate the proper mental condition to receive it, feel it, enjoy it and communicate with it. There is also a Supreme Power, a Supreme Force or current of thought in the universe which as the mind or spirit grows in power it will finally be able to reach and draw strength from for every trial or emergency. It is in the possibilities for this power to prevent the body from being injured through any physical or earthly cause. It was this Power as called down through silent mental prayer or desire whereby all the so‑called miracles spoken of in the biblical records were accomplished. It is a Power unexplainable and mysterious. It cannot be analyzed or accounted for by any of the methods of earthly science. We know simply that it exists and that it can cause results and tremendous results, when we through the observance of certain conditions place ourselves in its line of operation. It is as powerful now to work these results as it was thousands of years ago. No jot or tittle of any law or element has changed since that time. Sunshine and darkness, rain and snow, vegetable life and animal life, the winds and the tides were the same in their workings then as now, and so to‑day are those deeper and less known forces of which some among those ancient peoples knew relatively a little, but of which we know next to nothing. These were at the basis of the “Lost Arts,” and those “Lost Arts” involved the accomplishment of results and so‑called wonders wrought on higher or lower planes of motive through the knowledge and exercise of mental or spiritual laws.

As we learn to fling ourselves back on this power in any emergency—to rely so much as we may upon it in time of sickness or trial—to try and rely solely upon it and not upon any earthly aid or our dearest and most powerful earthly friends, so shall we gradually grow nearer to it, and bring ourselves in closer and quicker communication with it. It can help us in the so‑called little trials of life. Call upon it when you desire to sleep and cannot, when little physical ailments beset you, when low spirits depress you, when unaccountable fears paralyze your energy. When you have done your best in any effort, cease to rely at all further upon yourself. Stop trying to do of yourself. Become passive, and commit yourself to this the Supreme Power. Because in the words of the Apostle, “Of ourselves we can do nothing.” With this Power we can do everything, when once fairly in its current. We are then, as some express it, “in the line of the Divine Mind.” Once in this line and solitude and loneliness no longer exists with us. We have then in ourselves and outside of ourselves, company everywhere and peace everywhere.

We are then also becoming more free from the desire of seeking promiscuous and injurious association which will enslave, fetter and injure us. We are on the road then to meet our true friends and real relations, who can benefit us in every way. Because when you can for periods stand alone and enjoy yourself through this communion with the Supreme Power or Divine Mind, you are not only strengthening both spirit and body, but making yourself more attractive and more useful to those whom you are to meet. You will appreciate and enjoy the more what they have for you.

They also will be in communication and draw from the same Power. Unless they can they cannot be your associates.

For as you change the daily attitude or state of your mind you attract to you literal elements in conformity with such state. If you have faith only in things material or what you can see, hear, touch or feel, you will attract only the weaker power coming of such material. What we so sense is but a fragment of the forces about us. If we do not rule these forces they will rule us to our injury. The means for such ruling by us lie entirely in the attitude of our minds.

If you have any special purpose or undertaking to accomplish, your motive being to benefit others as well as yourself, and having done your best in the matter you still find obstacles and annoyances in the way, cease doing anything save what is absolutely necessary. Desire earnestly that your mind cease to plan, fret or worry over the affair. Rely then on this mysterious power to remove the obstacles for you. It can and will do it, providing you place yourself in the proper conditions to give it access to you. The principal condition lies in seclusion from all who are not in your world of thought. Live so much as you can alone, eat alone, sleep alone. You bring yourself then more and more in the current of the Supreme Power. Where it is necessary to act to accomplish your aim you will then carry this power with you. You will be surprised at what it will silently accomplish. Unexpected means and agencies will open to you. Where you expected opposition you will find favor. Regarding your aim, remember this power is always at work pushing for you, when you hold to your purpose and are not vacillating or mingling with lower association. Do not recede from the position you have assumed. If you do, so much of its past force in so working for you is wasted.

But if you go gadding about; if you must drop in to see this or that friend, simply for sake of company or gossip; if you must call on this or that family simply to pass away the time, or have about you some special associate who has no faith or a weak and uncertain faith in these truths, you will cut the line connecting you with the Supreme Power. You will connect yourself with the inferior thought current and inferior power. You will not accomplish a tithe of what you would from taking the other course. You descend then to the material stratum of thought, motive and action. On that stratum the forces are too strong for you. When you are on the higher plane, they are powerless.

It is a fearful mistake for men or women to indulge in promiscuous and intimate associations for mere gratification. Nothing so much fetters the superior mind of the two. It adulterates and infects it with inferior and baser thought, cuts it off from higher spiritual sources of supply, cripples energy and courage and fills the body with weakness and disease, generally attributed to other causes.

The same results follow those unions called “marriages,” which are based on material considerations or fancies which in so short a time prove delusions. In either case they tend toward those mental tyrannies by which the more sensitive, finer and really the most powerful mind of the two becomes blinded to its power, enslaved and ruled by the inferior and, if a giant is blind, is he not at the mercy of any weakling who leads him?

Being in thorough communication with this, the Supreme Power which is the Power of Truth, and you are a king or queen in the empire of mind. “The truth shall make us free.” You can then no longer come under control of any mental tyranny.

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You Deserve Love!  You are Very Loving!!



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