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A Soul Talk!

When your Soul is at Peace and your Mind is at Ease, your Face, your Presence, and Everything about You reflect a Magnificent Calmness – Very Gently yet Powerfully!

It all starts from a Deep Understanding of Self, Respect, and a Genuine Love for Self. Don't ya want that? – Peace and Harmony!

It all starts with You!

Ever notice most of the people who talk to you, with you, and about you show a sense of "mocking" and "joking" attitude? They say something, and they laugh by themselves – although nothing is really "funny" about what's being said!

Well, it's a lack of respect! Respect, both in the most basic and deepest sense, is not something each of us can ask for. Respect is something we Earn! One might say, "I don't care what others think of me. I don't give a ...! I don't need to earn anyone's respect!..."

Well, what about Your Own Respect for Yourself?! Have you given yourself the Respect that you deserve? If haven't, you owe it to yourself, really!!

Why is that important? – You might ask.

Lack of self-respect (whether you are aware or unaware of it) is the sure road to Self-Unhappiness! And what's self-unhappiness done to you, and how much it hurts you... you already knew! I've been there!!

People take you lightly because you take You lightly! That's one of the reasons why you feel "empty" and lonely in your heart, no matter where you go or how many people you surround yourself with. "No one understands me!"...

Do You understand You?! Do You love You?! Huhm... Something to think about!

So, it's time to take Your Power back! It begins with Self-Respect and refusing to take the Craps!! A man or a woman with Class doesn't take Craps! Simple, Blank, Period!

We don't have to show the world our "offendedness." It's simply through the way we talk, the way we walk, the way we dress, how we treat ourselves, and how we associate with others really set the standards for how we want (and deserve) to be treated. No asking "show me the respect" needed. Our calmness and mannerism carry weight!

I know that this writing and sharing of mine are a "little" heavy to take. I'm sorry if it hurts you – in any way!! Sometimes, however, one needs Someone to give a Good Shake to wake one up from what's really been going on!

As you look around, no one really cares or gives you this kind of "Shake", really!! Only those who Truly Care!! And those are Rare!

I'm Not afraid or concerned that you might "dislike" me after reading this post. What I care the most is that you are treated with respect; and that you are safe, healthy and happy!!

My Deep Respect for You is More than I can say!!


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