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The Healing Journey Called: You!


Have you ever been or had the quest to be on a soul searching journey? "A Soul Searching Journey?" – you might ask! No, seriously, have you?

I have! And I've realized something... Important! That is: When our mind is pre-occupied with too many thoughts and confusions, it's hard to recognize what's in front of us. When we "allow" others to pull us in a million directions by force or influence, our energy is drained, and life is sucked "the hell" out of us! We are scattered! And things seemed to go wrong one way or the other... That's what I've awakened to understand!! It was not an easy journey – That I can tell you!

It's Not "others" that have the "power" to do what they've done to us. It's Us that let that happened! No one is to blame here! It was just the way the Lessons unfolded for us – Big Lessons unfolded in a Big Way!!

When we know better, We do Better!

And... We Know Better now!!

Each word that I wrote, each inspirational video that I found, and each piece of beautiful music that I shared here, are all personal. I hope that you find it meaningful. I'd be so glad to know that it helps you in some ways... maybe it gives you hope, strength, and courage to overcome the challenges that you might be going through...

I was alone on my healing journey... Sometimes, it's hard to express our deep feelings with others – our pain and suffering. Sometimes, it's even harder to ask for help because we don't want to talk to the people whom we don't know or trust. As for the people whom we know and who know us, they have their own problems to bear... So, it's quite difficult and "inconvenient," you see.

I know what it feels like when one cannot express or communicate how one feels; especially when one feels hurt, sad, and depressed. I understand how loneliness feels like when one is surrounded by millions of people but still feels deeply lonely inside. There is just no specific word or a particular way to communicate things like this with someone in the most authentic and deepest level; someone whom we feel completely safe to drop our “guard” and break our “walls” to be completely vulnerable, without the fear of negative judgements or “betrayal!”

I’m glad if you do have someone in your life, whom you trust, to confide with during the dark moments in your life. That would be so wonderful!!

Each time you visit luxgetit, I hope you find it peaceful, fun, and pure joy here... a place where you feel safe to open your heart and tend to your emotions. Please seek professional help if that is what you need...

I don't know a lot, but this is what I do know: In one's own personal healing journey, no amount of inspiration or motivation or person(s) is enough to help one heal if one's not willing to help one's self! The reason is because no one can do the Inner Work for us but us. No one can say No to the things and people that hurt us but us. No one can set a strong and clear boundary to the things and people that do not have highest intentions or treatments in their encounters with us but us. It takes a strong decision and determination to heal... and it takes time! Take Your Time!

On my journey of discovering myself and learn about me, I often feel very sad when I see others happy (no jealousy, just sad). After I’m healed (and I am healed now), I look at Life differently – with so much Love and Light! I Rejoice in the Happiness of others. I feel Deeply Happy with an Incredible Joy and Celebration surging through my whole being – heart, mind, and soul! I feel Free mentally and emotionally!! And this is what I've been yearning for... my entire life!

I think healing is Important and a necessary step to take if one truly wants to live a Happy Life! Happy – in the most Authentic and Deepest Sense!

You can heal your life!! You will heal!! You are Stronger than you think, Wiser than you give yourself credit for, and are appreciated much deeper than you realize! What's possible for others – all the Happy Things – are also possible for You!! Self Healing is the Key to unlock the gate that keeps your Blessings away from you!! So... heal yourself... tenderly!

You are a Unique Person – A very Special, Kind, and Loving Person!! There is no second person on this planet like You!! There are no reasons why you not celebrate you!

In closing, there is not a single reason why each of us not taking the first step toward creating the Life of our dreams and becoming the Person that we are meant to be!

Happiness – therefore, Is What we all Deserve! Take That First Step!!

Love Yourself More!

Be Strong. Be Happy. And Be You!

Sincerely – From a friend that you never knew!



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