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Building a Library for Self-Education.

I wasn’t into reading when I was a kid. For whatever reason, I always fell asleep on the third page of the book – any book – every time I read something. However, after my transportation-to-school invention and the lantern-airplane experiences, I started to love reading and exploring new things. I used to read and go to bed very late every night – that's my most favorite time – as I had the opportunity to enter the world of possibilities and creativity, where my imaginations “soar.”

My first collection of books came from the thrift stores because I did not have much money. I earned my humble allowances from doing the house chores. Perhaps, that got me into the habits of working hard and saving money at such a young age. I did not have the means to buy candies and toys like my friends. Neither were those my interests. I used all my money to buy books. One book after the other.

As I got older, my thirst for knowledge and deep love of learning increased substantially. I noticed that, while going to college pursuing a degree in Education, my heart always yearned for books in business, marketing, sales, leadership, psychology, entrepreneurship, successful people’s biographies, and life philosophies. My books are my best friends. They give me a clear perspective about myself, others, how things work, and how to work with others harmoniously and effectively.

In fact, one of my biggest accomplishments in life is building a rich-in-content library for my own Self Education! Nothing feels better than having the opportunity to surround myself with brilliant minds of the Ages – anywhere, anytime!

Till this date, holding a good book in my hands still makes my heart feel elated. Combined with a tranquil place where I can be in solitude – alone with nature, Life is Beautiful!

The appreciation and gratefulness that I have for how great books and Life have touched my soul and nourished my resilience are indescribable with words! I hope that I can use what I’ve learned over the years to be a valuable service of others.

What about you? What makes your heart soar?

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