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Building a Racetrack for Self-Indulgence.

In my youth, I loved to think of ways to create toys from means such as dry tree branches, wood, scratch papers, and mud. One day, a “light bulb” came to my mind to create a “sliding car” with a dry coconut branch. I sat on the leaves part. My two legs “wrapped around” the hardest part of the branch, where my sister held and “dragged” me around (literally but in a nice way) on the so-called “sliding car.”

As you can imagine, the only thing between me and the ground was the coconut leaves. So, the feeling of “cruising” on the bumpy ground with sharp rocks everywhere is Not a pleasant feeling. It was fun though! I laughed very hard with joy, though somewhere along the bumpy road, I heard myself screaming “Ouch! Ouch!”

One time, I got the opportunity to go to a big city. There, I entered my world of excitement. I got to play electric car racing – the cars that had thick rubber bands wrapped around them. I could not be happier! However, the cars were so slow, and the race was not as “fast and furious” to meet my “adventurous temperament” as I wished it to be.

My wild dream of being able to race faster electric cars grew bigger with me as my age "climbs up the ladder" – too old to qualify to play such a game with other kids.

Fast forward, there was a round racetrack as big as a tennis court in a tourist city, and the electric cars ran with powerful batteries. Without hesitation, I jumped right in like a happy monkey and did not care what the game watchers think. Heck! I am living my Dream!!

I controlled the car “masterfully!” Left and right, left and right. I hit nobody nor did I let any “competitor” hit me. I raced like crazy... like a “mad horse” – I would say.

After the race finished, all the kids and their parents looked at me... in shock and speechless! I don’t know whether they were “amazed” by my “driving skills” or they could not believe what their eyes just witnessed. All I could remember was what one man said to me:

“You drive well!” I smiled at him and answered with my “innocent” face: “Yeah, I got a driver license!” We laughed!

Here is my conclusion after that “heaven-on-earth” experience: I’ve decided to work very hard, save money, and buy a house with a big backyard. Then, I’ll build a longer racetrack and buy a powerful electric car to race on it – that’s my way of life: Work hard and race hard!

Will you join me?!

P/S: It’s always one of the strongest desires of my heart that, if I were to have a lot of money, I would buy a lot of things and toys for boys and girls in poor villages. It would bring a lot of joy and happiness to their hearts. However, sometimes, I ponder if that’s a good idea...

I believe there is Power in yearning! Yearning is where the imagination thrives. Yearning is where the conception of ideas bursts into beautiful creations – from lack to burning desire, from nourishing to developing – the exotic ideas that enrich humanity!

What projects are You working on?

I wish you Success! Keep on!!

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