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Building an Airplane from Scratch.

As a curious and imaginative child, I love to build things with my hands. One day, I saw an airplane flying in the sky, I could not tell you enough how fascinated I felt! I was so intrigued by the “effortless flowing in the air,” just like the fish swimming in the water with ease. I dreamt someday I’d be able to sit on an airplane and “fly.”

With my big smile and excitement, I decided to “build” an airplane from the clay that I got under the ground of the crop field. I soon realized that my airplane could not fly, so I modified my idea and re-build another one. I constructed the airplane's frame with steel wire and wrapped the whole thing up with colored, transparent papers. Then, I pierced a chopstick through the body of the airplane as a handle (which made it like a letter “T”). When I held the chopstick and ran on the crop field, it felt like I was “flying” with the airplane. It was an incredible feeling!

Taking one step further, I created a small candle-holder on top of the chopstick that I inserted inside the airplane’s body, and cut a wide enough space on top of the airplane for the heat to come out when I lit the candle. At night, especially on the Autumn Festival, when the children played with their lanterns, my airplane – the One and the Only in town – was captivating!

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