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Help A Young Boy (with an unfortunate upbringing) Build Higher Self-Esteem.

In my village, the kids disliked to play with a young boy named M. because of his “unusual” appearance. They bullied and excluded him from all activities at the playground. The playground that I’m mentioning is nothing like the playground that you are imagining. It was rather an empty, after-harvested crop field.

M. and I are not related by blood or by any other means. However, I considered him as my younger brother, and I protected him from being hurt by the ill-meaning kids everyday. Since I could not be by his side 24/7, I never stopped concerning about the damage of their harsh words upon my brother's soul.

In my heart, M. is a quiet, beautiful, bright, kind, and loving young boy! I always believe that my brother, M., is Somebody! He really is, and he always has been!

In his life, at least during the years we grew up together, I was the only one who stood by his side through thick and thin. I was the only one who stood up for him. My heart feels twisted because he only has one confidant, me, in his world – someone who he can trust, someone who understands him and loves him unconditionally! I treasure our golden connection.

I treasure my brother, M.!

In the summer, we used to gather at the empty crop field and flew kites, played soccer, seek and find, among many other games. M., however, was never welcomed by the rest of the kids, and I could see how much it hurt his self-esteem. One day, as a team leader, I told the group that we would do “scissor, paper, rock” to select the “top” members to be part of each team. To their surprise, the first person I picked was not the “toughest” guy in the group, but M.! Everyone was shocked. So was him. I gently smiled at M. and gave him a hug saying that: "You are my dear brother! You are my Treasure, M.! I mean it!”

I saw tears in his eyes... and in mine...!


I know, that day, I’ve touched the deepest “scar” of a boy’s heart – I have touched his wound of lacking love and being put down by others. We grew up with rich memories in our heart for all the genuine love, appreciation, and an unforgettable childhood that we shared with each other.

Fast forward, life’s taken us to separate ways. I’ve lost contact with him for over 10 years. Then, one day, through mutual acquaintances, I’m so happy to know that he has become a well-known hair stylish, and his clients are the richest and most famous celebrities in the country! M. has become The Celebrity himself! He has a large Fan-club and is admired by many others.

We talked on the phone, and I told him: “M.! I am so proud of you!!” And this is what he said: “Sister, I’ve been longing to meet you all these years. I miss you so...!

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