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Inventing Exotic Transportation to School.

I used to walk a mile to school as a kid. Under the hot and humid weather, I felt tired and dizzy from time to time. I figured out that I could put my favorite "friend" – the rocking horse – and my active imagination to good use. Things started to get interesting as I got into my creative mode: I added four wheels under the base and a shovel with a handle at the back of my wooden horse. It functioned like the baby push car stroller nowadays; only the look that was "drastically" different!

Many people freely commented on my creation as either ugly or I am crazy. They laughed at my idea. Some even got mad at me, suggested me to "focus on school" and forget my "non-sense." They shot my ideas down to the ground and killed them... so many times. It saddened my fragile heart... After all, I was only a child! I felt alone on my creative journey!

I yearn to create something – something that will benefit the health, wealth, and happiness of humanity! My yearning roots deeply in my heart!

My creative mind runs like the wind. Once the "engine" is on, it does not stop. It continuously flows toward the next idea and the next idea!

The rocking horse lighted up my mind with a "business idea." I called it: "Transportation Service Upon Request!"

Consistently, very early every morning, I arrived at one of my friends' house along with my "money-making" horse. I told his/her parents that I'd "deliver" their child to school on time and safely on the walking trail. It would save them time to take care of their other things, and it only costs $2 for my "labor"! They smiled happily and loved my willingness to help. The only problem is that they, too, did not have the money to enjoy my "luxurious service." We were, after all, farmers who depended solely on our feet to take us to where we want to go – no bikes, no cars – only cows that were around!

Regardless, I did not feel sad at all. If one way doesn't work, it means that it will work in a different way. If that still doesn't work, then another solution – a better and more creative one – is the way to go!

I told my friends that we could take turns to sit on the rocking horse and “push" each other to school every day. We had to go to school anyway, why not making it fun?!

Guess what? My exotic four-wheels rocking horse helped “transport” my friend, who has physical disability, to school with ease. It filled her world with joy. The kind of joy that only comes from a true friendship – a type of heart-to-heart connection, that signifies authenticity and stands through the test of time, that "I will always be there for you without neither one of us having to say a word!"

I feel happy when I can help make people's lives easier! I've always enjoyed and appreciated this type of profound satisfaction since I was a kid.

It made my heart happy!

It still does!

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