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The courage to live happily!

I'm grateful that I found this video during one of the darkest moments of my life – many years ago. I cried! It touched me deeply in my heart and soul! The gentleman's words gave me the strength and courage to get back up and keep moving forward. Life is a Miracle to him, and he is the Miracle to many people – myself included! He is a Gift from the Universe! And So Are You!! Thank you for All that you've done to make our world a Better Place. Thank You!!

We've all been through tough times ; and there should be no comparison about whose experience is tougher than the other's. What matters is that we've overcome it (or in the process of overcoming it). I know it has not been an easy journey for you, but you have come so far and become so much stronger!! You Are Truly An Inspiration!

I hope this video touches you as much as it touched me!

Be strong!

P/S: Sometimes, the ones who help us get back up and see our worth, are not the people whom we know... surprisingly!! (And that's Okay!!)


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