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Enjoying the View

Hello Dear, 

Have you ever found yourself feeling bored, so bored, and nothing but bored?  I have!  When I was young, I did not understand the Value of Time!  Hence, I used to let hours after hours and days after days pass me by like there's no tomorrow!  I used to let negative thoughts "swarm" my mind with low vibrational emotions such as sadness, anger, resentment, and confusion.  Consequently, I let my Happiness "swallowed" by such a passing of time!


No Good!  I've changed – for the Better!! 


Instead of doing something to "kill time," I find that reading good materials really help bring clarity to one's mind and gradually cleanse all the negative energy out of one's system – leaving a vibrant, healthy, happy, clear, and strong state of mind.  This is so beneficial for one to see things and people clearly and objectively from multiple angles.  What's more?  One will feel that those who used to bother one no longer bother one any more.  They no longer have the "power" to bring one down, abuse, or take advantage of one because one is No Longer the Same Person that they know!  One has become Better, Stronger, and Wiser!!  One knows Better now!  One can say NO to unhealthy things and people Without Guilt or Apology!  What a Liberating Feeling that is!!  It's called Freedom – Freedom to Choose and Freedom to Decide what's Best for Oneself! 


In your moments of "free time," there are millions of options that you can choose to do.  Yet, you choose to come here and read with me.  I'm touched!  Thank you! 


Okay, enough said.  Let's read! 

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