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Whether it's morning, afternoon, or night...

Whatever it is that you choose to do, Baby, choose what's Best for You to express Your Truth!  Don't hold back what you feel Important for Your Life – Not for anyone – Not for anything!!


Choose what makes your Heart happy.  Do what makes your Soul happy.  One of the main reasons why we feel unhappy and emotionally unfulfilled for almost our entire life is because we do not choose or have not yet chosen to follow our Heart's True Desires!


Look at things from a New Perspective so that you can expand your choices and new possibilities.  If you ever need to ask for the "approval" or the opinion of others to do what you feel right for You, ask the Most Powerful Person in Your Life! – And That Person is YOU! 

Listen to your Heart and Intuition more than being stuck in your thoughts... to help you reach the Clarity and The Answers that you've been searching for.

Dance Your Dance, Baby! 

May those whom you love always be by your side, support You and Love You Unconditionally!  After all, that's all that matters.   

I wish you all the Courage, Confidence, and Peace of Mind that you need to make the Important Decisions for Your Life – Ones that are Best and Right for You! 


You possess the Power and the Free Will to Create Your Own Happiness!  And I would love to be with you on that Happy Journey!!

Take good care of yourself.  I miss you, Baby!  Don't you miss me too...?

P/S: The ring no longer belongs to me!!

I Am 900% Single!!  Hallelujah!

I'm NOT too good to be true.  I Am GOOD and I Am TRUE too!!  And I Deserve You, Baby!!

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